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President & Founder


Our Mission

We take our mission very seriously--to educate, empower, and lead our clients to become the greatest financial version of themselves.  We strive to provide confidence and clarity that they are on track to accomplish their financial goals, and make sure we continue to enhance and protect their financial well-being over time.  By adhering to a principled and balanced approach, our clients know that they are creating their maximum wealth potential.

It is our goal to provide as much value to as many people as possible.  As such, our team-based approach allows us to work with all types of clients.  Our clients all share the same qualities: caring, responsible people, that are coachable and open-minded to new possibilities about their financial success.  We work with clients with all different backgrounds, though Mike is especially sought out by business executives and entrepreneurs.  It is our hope to never have to turn a client away, and to leverage our team to serve our community to our maximum capability.

Our Team

Northeast Financial Network is a privately owned financial planning firm, of which we are proud to be a part.  Our firm's family-oriented business creates a family-oriented client experience--our goal as a firm is to provide love and care to each other, and our goal as advisors is to provide love and care to our clients.

Since starting his personal practice in 2006, Mike has grown to create a full-service team within Northeast Financial Network, with an intent to provide the highest level of service for our clients and create maximum value.  Clients know that when they work with our team, they not only have Mike Schwartz's wealth of knowledge and experience, but his full service staff, junior advisors, and advanced planning specialists.  In addition, we have partnered with professionals in other areas outside of our expertise.  We work closely with the client's accountants, attorneys, mortgage specialists, and insurance and investment specialists; we also have personal relationships with professionals that we can recommend to our clients, too.

Living Balance Sheet®

We utilize The Living Balance Sheet® to help our clients with financial organization and coordination.  Our belief is that a financial plan is only as successful as its weakest link; in order to take a scientific, pragmatic approach, we stress test all of our client's money decisions, so that they know they are creating their best outcome.  The Living Balance Sheet allows us to take a full financial X-Ray, and best diagnose any threats, as well as identify opportunities to capitalize on.

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